Welcome To The Kingdom

Born out of the experiences  and knowledge gained on the northeast corner of the intersection of 39th Street and Castleman Avenue, in St. Louis’ historic Shaw Neighborhood, 39 Castles Sneakers & Style is the culmination of everything that makes this city and the sneaker community great!  39 Castles Sneakers & Style is THE intersection of community, style, art, innovation and the love of sneakers.  Always remember, at 39 Castles Sneakers & Style, (YOU) our clients will always be treated like royalty and like family.  Kicks. Style. Glory. Your Throne Awaits.


The Mission of 39 Castles Sneakers & Style is to provide the St. Louis Region with an opportunity to improve its culture through the purchase, collection, trading and embrace of 100% authentic sneakers. This is a growing culture that is unifying and empowering many diverse groups of individuals all over the country. 


The Vision of 39 Castles Sneakers & Style is to create a space for appreciators, collectors, and the community at large for the discussion of sneaker culture.  This space will be a safe space that will foster a strong “village-like” atmosphere in the St. Louis Region.