39 Castles Sneakers & Style Consignment

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39 Castles Sneakers & Style will sell new and used sneakers.  39 Castles will purchase shoes for a reasonably negotiated price—in some cases looking for individuals to sell their lot. We do “cash-out” for shoes at a reasonably negotiated price. (When buying shoes from individuals.) However, if a cash-out price can not be agreed upon, we are very open to doing consignment for the product.

Consignment means we sell the items for you, and we pay you as your items sell.  Many local consignors bring their items to our store in person, others ship from out-of-state and out-of-country.

Regarding consignment, 39 Castles will have a competitive consignment rate of 90/10 (10% charge) or $25.00, whichever is greater.  Shoes sold under $65.00 will be sold with a $5.00 flat fee

All payments issued are in name of owner, unless otherwise discussed.  (So you don’t have to wait for an entire lot or parcel of shoes to be sold to get paid if you consign multiple units).

Payment will be given in the form of Checks/ PayPal/CashApp ONLY.

Please see form button below.  The form can be filled out in person or online.  (If completed online, you will receive a contact for confirmation.)

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